Sorry... your answer needs to be saved at sea!

Your answer needs rescuing! Unfortunately, the vessel that was
lined up to rescue you is no longer in service with the Coast Guard.
Well, actually, that's not totally true. The handsome 44'
motor lifeboat is still a holdout at Chatham, MA. It's
most amazing attribute is the ability return to the correct
upright position after capsizing. We wish your answer
could do that!                    Try again.. good luck!

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October 19, 2006 SEATTLE
In a press release, WSF
(Washington State Ferries)
announced that it will hold a
public open house on
Wednesday, November 1 at
the Mullis Senior Center to
gather input on master plan
recommendations for the
area around the Friday
Harbor Ferry Terminal.

October 19, 2006 SEATTLE
In a press release, WSF
announced that Olympic
Cascade, the food
concessionaire for
Washington State Ferries
on the San Juan Island
routes has adjusted galley
hours during the non-peak

October 5, 2006 Anacortes
WSF announced that the 90
car MV Sealth will replace
the 144-car MV Hyak on the
Anacortes/San Juan Islands
route beginning Sunday,
October 8, 2006. The
replacement will allow Hyak
to replace Yakima, which
will go into the yard for
maintenance required to
addressing a generator
problem. The Sealth will be
returning after a $4 million
preservation project done by
the Everett Shipyard.

Sept 15, 2006 SEATTLE
WSF announced that
starting September 17th,
they will go to their fall
schedule. A few other
changes are that the early
fall schedule for the Port
Townsend/Keystone route
will be in effect until October
10th. WSF will return to only
one roundtrip sailing per day
between Anacortes and
Sidney, B.C.
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