hornblower cruises
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Sometimes, jobseekers looking for employment opportunities on
ferries tend to look in several other closely related places. These
include water taxis, tour boats, and dinner cruise boats. One of the well
known operators in the dinner cruise business is
Hornblower Cruises.
If you have a 100 ton U.S. Coast Guard license, you’re free to choose
the type of vessel you’d like to work on. The same goes if you have a
mate’s license or engineer’s license. However, the interesting thing
about jobs in the dinner cruise and excursion vessel sector is the
diversity of positions.
engineers, mates, and other deck and engine personnel. However, it
also includes openings for sales associates, photographers, parking
lot attendants, line cooks, dishwashers, banquet servers, boat
cleaners, bartenders, and more. This is one of the attractive aspects of
this area, in that the spectrum of options is wider.