U.S. Department of Labor - These are contact
numbers for Dept of Labor Offices that maintain
regional employment, unemployment, wage
information (cont'd)

MONTANA - Helena, MT - (406) 444-2430
NEBRASKA - Lincoln, NE - (402) 471-9964
NEVADA - Carson City, NV - (775) 684-0387
NEW HAMPSHIRE - Concord, NH - (603) 228-4123
NEW JERSEY - Trenton, NJ 08625 - (609) 292-0099
NEW MEXICO - Albuquerque, NM - (505) 222-4683
NEW YORK - Albany, NY - (518) 457-6369
NORTH CAROLINA - Raleigh, NC - (919) 733-2936
NORTH DAKOTA - Bismarck, ND - (701) 328-2868
OHIO - Columbus, OH - (614) 752-9494
OKLAHOMA - Oklahoma City, OK - (405) 557-7265
OREGON - Salem, OR - (503) 947-1212
PENNSYLVANIA - Harrisburg, PA - (717) 787-3266
PUERTO RICO Hato Rey, PR - (787) 754-5340
RHODE ISLAND - Cranston, RI - (401) 462-8767
SOUTH CAROLINA - Columbia, SC - (803) 737-2660
SOUTH DAKOTA - Aberdeen, SD - (605) 626-2314
TENNESSEE - Nashville, TN - (615) 741-2284
TEXAS - Austin, TX - (512) 491-4802
UTAH - Salt Lake City, UT - (801) 526-9401
VERMONT - Montpelier, VT - (802) 828-4153
VIRGIN ISLANDS, Charlotte Amalie, VI 340 776-3700
VIRGINIA - Richmond, VA - (804) 786-7496
WASHINGTON - Lacey, WA - (360) 438-4804
WEST VIRGINIA - Charleston, WV - (304) 558-2660
WISCONSIN - Madison, WI - (608) 267-2393
WYOMING - Casper, WY - (307) 473-3807
U.S. Department of Labor - These are contact
numbers for Dept of Labor Offices that maintain
regional employment, unemployment, wage

ALABAMA - Montgomery, AL - (334) 242-8859
ALASKA - Juneau, AK - (907) 465-4518
ARIZONA - Phoenix, AZ - (602) 542-3871
ARKANSAS - Little Rock, AR - (501) 682-4500
CALIFORNIA - Sacramento, CA - (916) 262-2160
COLORADO - Denver, CO - (303) 318-8850
CONNECTICUT, Wethersfield,CT, (860) 263-6255
DELAWARE - Wilmington, DE - (302) 761-8052
DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA - (202) 671-1633
FLORIDA - Tallahassee, FL - (850) 488-1048
GEORGIA - Atlanta, GA - (404) 232-3875
GUAM - Tamuning, GU - (671) 475-7062
HAWAII - Honolulu, HI - (808) 586-8842
IDAHO - Boise, ID - (800) 772-2553
ILLINOIS - Chicago, IL - (312) 793-2316
INDIANA - Indianapolis, IN - (317) 232-7460
IOWA - Des Moines, IA - (515) 281-0255
KANSAS - Topeka, KS - (785) 296-5058
LOUISIANA - Baton Rouge, LA - (225) 342-3141
MAINE - Augusta, ME - (207) 287-2271
MARYLAND - Baltimore, MD - (410) 767-2250
MASSACHUSETTS - Boston, MA - (617) 626-6556
MICHIGAN - Detroit, MI - (313) 456-3090
MINNESOTA - St. Paul, MN - (651) 282-2714
MISSISSIPPI - Jackson, MS - (601) 321-6261
Ferry Jobs - Water Taxi Jobs - Work on Ferries & Water Taxies - Maritime Employment - Maritime Jobs - Captains - Masters
- Mates - Chief Engineers - Deckhands - Able Bodied Seamen - AB's
When you visit ferry operator
sites, the typical job
postings may include:

Captain or "Master”, under
these US Coast Guard license
▪ 100 Ton Master
▪ 200 Ton Master  
▪ 500 Ton Master  
▪ 1600 Ton Master  
sometimes seeking
endorsements and STCW 95.

Mate , under this United
States Coast Guard license:
▪ 100 Ton Mate
▪ 200 Ton Mate  
▪ 500 Ton Mate  
▪ 1600 Ton Mate

Able Bodied Seaman, or Able
or AB

May require STCW

Chief Engineer , need to hold
this Coast Guard license:
▪ Chief Engineer Limited
▪ Chief Engineer Unlimited

Designated Duty Engineer  
under USCG license:
▪ Designated Duty Engineer
Some companies call their
Marine Engineer

Utility Worker
Marine Mechanic
Green Trainee
or Trainee

Ferry Operators also seek

Ticket Reservationists, a/k/a
Reservation Agents
Customer Service
Traffic Operations Personnel
Parking Lot Personnel
Security Personnel

Companies may require
STCW, MMD (merchant
marine document, or Z Card)
Where a larger ferry company
operates its own shipyard or
maintenance facility, they may
seek the following:

Marine Electrician
Pipe Fitter
Electronics Technician
The time is
Below aree the names of some
of the better known ferry boat
and water taxi operators. You'll
find links to jobs aboard ferries,
water taxis, and commuter
shuttle vessels in this site.

Cross Sound Ferry
New London, Connecticut
With Operations from New
Port Jefferson, Orient Point

Block Island Ferry
Operating as
Interstate Navigation
State Pier
Narragansett, RI

Hy-Line Cruises
22 Channel Point Road
Hyannis, MA

Staten Island Ferry
New York City
Department of Transportation

Washington State Ferries

Louisiana Ferries
Louisiana Dept of Transportation

Although we didn't notice
employment pages at the time
we visited, these are other
companies that operate ferries
and water taxies:

Blue and Gold Fleet
Fisherman’s Wharf
San Francisco, California

New York Water Taxi
New York, New York
Contact is through a “contact us”
page on their website

New York Waterway
New York, New York
Contact is through a “contact us”
page on their website

Martha’s Vineyard
& Nantucket Ferry
Operating as
Steamship Authority
General Information Contact
Number 508 548 5011

Day of Sailing Info:
Woods Hole
508 548 3788
Vineyard Haven
508 693 0367
Oak Bluffs  
508 693 0125
508 771 4000
508 228 0262

Texas Ferries
Texas Dept of Transportation
This is a website worth checking
out. It has tons of resources for
finding work aboard tugboats,
cruise ships, fishing vessels,
government vessels, ocean going
vessels and more. Too many
links to describe to almost every
conceivable corner of the
maritime industry that hires
commercial mariners and other
personnel for maritime jobs.      
Deck Question

Which is not
a potential
hazard of approaching close
to an iceberg?

the berg may suddenly tilt
or capsize due to uneven
melting and hit the vessel

b. the berg may calve with
the bergy bit hitting the

c. there may be underwater
rams extending out from the

a. the brash ice in the vicinity
may clog sea intakes
Ferryjobs.net was created to help people find work in the maritime
industry aboard ferries, water taxis, commuter and shuttle vessels.
Ferry jobs are attractive because they allow employees to enjoy the
positive attributes of shipboard life without sacrificing the stability of a
shore-based family life. New lead...  
Ellis Island and Statue of Liberty
Cruises. Also see Lake Express for seasonal and full time positions
USCG licensed captains, deckhands, customer service, and more.
Jobseekers find ferries attractive because captains and mates can
accumulate sea time on Coast Guard licenses, maintain their edge
with current navigation instruments and seamanship skills…and
usually go home to be with family at the end of the day. Also learn
about some of the
new opportunities at Hornblower Cruises.
Job prospects will depend on the grade of your Coast Guard license,
whether you hold endorsements, and familiarity with a particular body
of water for captain and mate position candidates. For chief engineers,
designated duty engineers (DDEs), oilers, QMEDs (qualified members
of the engine department) or other marine engineering position, your
familiarity with a particular diesel propulsion plant, such as Caterpillar,
General Motors or Fairbanks Morse  can be an asset. Naturally your
level of experience, your geographic location or willingness to relocate
will be important factors.

Good luck!  
Ferryjobs.net is not affiliated with any ferry, fast ferry, water taxi,
commuter vessel, shuttle vessel,  or other marine transportation
company. Ferryjobs.net is not an employment agency. Ferryjobs.net
was created with the intention of providing links, resources and
helpful information to commercial mariners and job seekers.
Information on this website, whether it is information about job
practices, resume writing, applicable laws in the maritime industry,
recommendations for cover letters, etc. is not provided as
professional counseling. The information on this website is general
information and is not offered as employment counseling advice or
services, legal counseling, official legal information, legal advice, job
coaching or any interpretation other than being general information,
about which no representations are made as to accuracy, timeliness
and completeness. If job candidates seek professional employment
counseling, legal advice and counseling, resume writing consultancy
or other professional assistance, they should seek the services of a
professional in that area.
Could a new ferry service between
the U.S. and Cuba be on the horizon?
Yes. Two companies received
licenses for the Miami - Havana service.
Read the
NYT article.